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Hong Kong VACC Sector Files for Euroscope

(Note to Euroscope users: For installation please refer to the SOP13 or this youtube video: Here (Note to VRC users: These files do not support VRC. Please contact management via HQ System if you need support)

Hong Kong VACC Alias file (1710 version)

(Right click and “Save As” if you are unable to download by left-clicking)

Euroscope Discord Plugin for 3.1d & 3.2 by Kirollos Nashaat (1334783) of the Egypt vACC:

Hong Kong VACC vATIS file VHHH

Hong Kong VACC vATIS file VMMC

Aerodrome Cue Cards 2005

Hong Kong Complete Charts (AIRAC 1906)

Check the Hong Kong eAIP website for an upto date one.